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Your radio station for club music.

Weekly Shows
Thursday 22h00 A Journey into Drum and Bass w/ Du Lait (Switzerland)
Friday 18h00 Gangsters Groove (Switzerland)
Saturday 14h00 Love is Love (worldwide)
Saturday 18h00 Cherish Your Time w/ Barnabus (South Africa)
Sunday 16h00 DANS UN AUTRE UNIVERS w/ Ongun (Turkey)
Coming Soon:
Thursday 16h00 Aka-Tapes (worldwide)

* enjoy the ride *


Morning Detox

Morning Detox

5:00 - 08:00

Morning Detox is dedicated to the quiet morning hours and is intended to provide calming energy so that the day can start in harmony and mitted. There is also ambient here, which stands out from electronic music. Downtempo, spiritual music, electronic world music or organic house can be elements that make up the program color of Morning Detox, among others.


Into The Light

08:00 - 16:00

The Into The Light broadcasting vessel gives you a good flow and hearty momentum during the day. At home or at work, your thoughts might be a bit further away from the clubbing world and quieter yet moving music can be a wonderful accompaniment for various daily activities. Genres like downtempo, balearic, bar music or electronica, among others, determine the program color of Into The Light.

Love The Night

Love The Night

16:00 - 5:00

Love The Night is dedicated to the diverse facets of club music. Electronic dance music today draws a colorful sound picture, which can be felt as quite soft and also quite hard. In this field of tension Love The Night is able to move one or the other to dance. Deep House, Leftfield House, Techno or Minimal are among others colorful designations of the music of Love The Night.


ZIROOP Dinner & Dance @ Jschalp – 2024



ZIROOP Jschalp


DJ Ongunko (Turkey)